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Perinatal Substance Abuse: One State’s Response


Table of Contents

Volume 29, Number 1

January - March 1997


Editors’ IntroductionJean Wellisch, Ph.D.; Brian Perrochet, B.A. & M. Douglas Anglin, Ph.D.

Alcohol and Other Drugs: The Scope of the Problem among Pregnant and Parenting Women in California Nancy K. Young, Ph.D.

Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs on Children Nancy K. Young, Ph.D.

Prenatal Substance Abuse in California: Finding from the Perinatal Substance Exposure StudyAmanda Noble, Ph.D.; William A. Vega, Ph.D.; Bohdan Kolody, Ph.D.; Pat Porter, R.N., M.S.;   Jimmy Hwang, Ph.D.; Gloria A. Merk II, M.A. & Anthony Bole, J.D.

Perspectives of Pregnant Substance-Using Women: Findings from the California Perinatal Needs Assessment Dorie Klein, D.Crim. & Elaine Zahnd, Ph.D.

Services for Perinatal Women with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders: The Unmet NeedChristine E. Grella, Ph..D.

The Role of Case Management in Substance Abuse Treatment Services for Women and Their ChildrenClaire D. Brindis, Dr.P.H. & Kimberly S. Theidon, M.P.H.

Options for Recovery: California’s Perinatal ProjectsClaire D. Brindis, Dr.P.H.; Zoe Clayson, Sc.D. & Gale Berkowitz, Dr.P.H.

Ethical and Legal Issues Associated with Substance Abuse by Pregnant and Parenting Women Sandra Garcia, Ph.D., J.D.

California’s Approach to Perinatal Substance Abuse: Toward a Model of Comprehensive Care Claire D. Brindis, Dr.P.H.; Gale Berkowitz, Dr.P.H.; Zoe Clayson, Sc.D. & Barbara Lamb, M.S.

Afterword —  Jean Wellisch, Ph.D.; Brian Perrochet, B.A. & M. Douglas Anglin, Ph.D.

COVER ART — Reflection Triptych by Stephen Ehret



Vol. 29 (1)

January - March 1997

Perinatal Substance Abuse: One State's Response



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