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Table of Contents

Volume 13, Number 2

April - June 1981


Drugs, Alcohol, and Aging


Editors' Introduction - David M. Petersen, Ph.D. & Frank J. Whittington, Ph.D.

Predictions of Elderly Drug Abuse - Meyer Glantz, Ph.D.

Learned Helplessness and Substance Abuse in the Elderly - Mark Hochhauser, Ph.D.

The Social Contexts of Aging and Drug Use: Theoretical and Methodological Insights - Ann Mandolini

Aging and Changing Patterns of Alcohol Use - Roger G. Dunham, Ph.D.

Predictors of Problem Drinking Among Elderly, Middle-Aged and Youthful Drinkers - Reginald G. Smart & Carolyn B. Liban

Use of Tranquilizers and Sleeping Pills Among Older Texans - Susan Brown Eve & Hiram J. Friedsam

Sex Differences in Prescription Drug Use of Older Adults - Frank J. Whittington; David M. Petersen; Barbara Dale & Paula L. Dressel

Psychoactive Drug Use and Potential Misuse Among Persons Aged 55 Years and Older - Richard C. Stephens; C. Allen Haney & Suzanne Underwood

Use of Psychotropic Drugs Among the Aged Revisited - Gerald B. Glazer, M.S., LL.B. & Rick T. Zawadski, Ph.D.

Aging on the Street: Drug Use and Crime Among Older Men - Anne E. Pottieger & James A. Inciardi



Vol. 13 (2)

April - June 1981

Drugs, Alcohol, and Aging





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